100 Word Challenge

It was a dark, gloomy night when everything went wrong.
My dad's long blonde eyebrows creased as he watched ruthless waves pound the ship. The air was thick and the wind shouted at us, threatening to push us overboard. I sat there in my cabin, ears repelled by every scream, every shout that the crew made, and soon I found myself on my bed, hands over ears, thinking "14 is way too short to live."  My large collection of anchor pillows surrounded me, their soft white fabric warming my skin. Their soft points and rounded edges looked nothing like our one on the ship. Sailing was my dream. It ended up as a nightmare.
Suddenly, the world began to tip. The last thing I remembered was my father's shattered cry and my white anchor pillows falling over my face


  1. This is a teast to see how to leave a comment as a member of Team 100 does not have a google account. Can you add some more options for those commenting please?

    1. Hi, I have read your comment so I am picking you are able to leave comments? If Team 100 can't they could email me as I am her teacher?

  2. Hi Sarah,

    I really enjoyed your short story. I can tell you have a talent for writing! Thank you for trying hard and putting effort into making your story interesting, it comes across to me as I read it.

    First of all, its great how you started the story and set the scene with such a short, punchy sentence. That's a really great technique for building suspense and drawing the reader in.

    Second of all, I really enjoyed how you used the prompt, both in the sea-faring theme and reflected in the white anchor shaped pillows. That was really imaginative, and makes your story even more interesting to read. I loved your descriptive style of writing, using words such as "shattered" and "ruthless", really shows that you think carefully about the words you use, and that you are well read yourself.

    I really have nothing bad to say about this story, You have a great talent for creating atmosphere, and should certainly keep writing! I look forward to hopefully reading your stories in future weeks too!

    Good luck with school, and keep writing!
    Ana, Oxford, Team 100

  3. Message for Candy.
    I can comment because I have a google account but some commenters don't. You need to add an option for comments that anyone can use so look at 'Name' or 'Anonymous'
    Julia skinner

    1. Hi Julia, it's Sarah. I have just changed my settings so now anyone can comment. I am very sorry for the inconvenience!


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